How To Register Barclays Online Banking

You can register your account with Barclays Online Banking in order to get the services. You have to start the process by giving the details, then verify then and in the last step of the process you have to complete it. You can choose the type of banking from the option of saving or mortgage account. For saving account add the six digits sort code and sixteen digits card number. In case of mortgage account, you need to type the ten digits mortgage account number. You have to follow the underneath instructions to accomplish the procedure.

What Is The Whole Method To Register For Online Banking?

  • You are supposed to visit the Barclays Register Online Banking web page of the website in order to create your account for online banking.
  • You will be requested to enter your details into the first stage of the registration process.
  • You will be asked to add up your last name or surname into the first blank.
  • Now you have to mention the date of birth.
  • In the next stage of the process, you have to enter the postcode which is written in your statement.
  • You have to type your email address and re-enter it for confirmation.
  • Pick up the account type and then add the sort code along with the sixteen digits card number.
  • After that, you have to verify your details and then complete the registration procedure by going through the direction shown on your monitor.

What Will You Need To Register Your account For Online Banking?

You need to have the below requirements in order to register your account such as:

  • You need to register your account if you are an inhabitant of UK.
  • Your age limit should be sixteen years or more for staring the process.
  • You must have account either current or savings with Barclay’s card or mortgage.

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