Register For Vanilla Prepaid Canada

The Vanilla Visa Prepaid card allows the card holder to buy anything, do voyaging and shopping at any time. One can also pay the bills and installments through this card. You can also use this card at restaurants and fuel pumps. Vanilla aims to add flavor to the life of its customers and make it simpler. Go through the given steps to join the Vanilla administration services.

What Is The Method To Join The Vanilla Visa Prepaid Card Service?


  • You need to have a computer with the internet access.
  • You must have the Visa Prepaid Card.
  • You must remember the card number and CVV number.


  • Firstly open the website of Visa Prepaid Canada by following the given link to join the online services and get the benefits.
  • You will view a publication page of Vanilla Card and get the instructions about code number.
  • Code number will start from 4263 then click on the link which is present under this number and if your number starts with 4279 then hit the link under this number.
  • In next step you have to enter the 16 digits card number in the given field.
  • Give your lapse date and CVV in the given spaces. CVV is a 3 digit number which is written on the card.
  • Hit the button marked as “Sign in” and get an access to online services of Visa Prepaid Card account.

It’s all about making your life more comfortable by getting advantages and offers from the company.

About Vanilla Prepaid:

This visa card is issued by People’s Trust Company for online shopping. They are also providing online card account management service. All cardholders can register their card account by providing card details to manage their card activities 24/7 hour daily. You can check your card transaction history in your account and card balance for free.

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