Check My Prepaid Card Balance Online

You can check the balance of my prepaid card by visiting the authorized website of the company. There are mainly two methods by which you can check your balance one I online and second is by phone. You have to enter your card number, date of expiry along with the card security code in order to check the card balance online. This service is free and you can get your balance in few seconds. You have to go through the underneath steps to check the balance of my prepaid card online.

What Is The Complete Method To Check My Prepaid Card Balance?

  • You have to visit the web page of the My Prepaid Card Balance in order to check the current balance in your prepaid card.
  • You are supposed to fill up the form by giving the necessary details.
  • In the first space, you will be asked to input the card number.
  • After that, you are required to enter the card expiry date h in month and year.
  • In the last field, you have to type the card security code or card ID which consist of last three to four digits of your signature box.
  • After providing all the details about card then you will be requested to hit a click over the blue color tab which is mentioned as “Go” and get the details of your card balance in few seconds.

What Can I Do If My Card is Lost Or Stolen?

You are required to contact the customer service number of the company in case if your card has been lost or stolen. The number is 1 866 496 6183 and you can get the details to get replacement card via talking to a live person. There will be a deduction of five dollars to get the replacement card and you will get your card in ten days.

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