Visit Xbox To Set Up The Window Media Center

Xbox 360 is a very famous video game console which is developed by the Microsoft conglomerate. It is software which is made for windows PC’s for media sharing such as pictures, music and videos. Follow the given below set of instructions to setup window media center on your PC.


  • User needs to have Window XP or vista installed on computer.
  • You must have Xbox 360 console.
  • It is compulsory to have Windows Media Player eleven and Router.

Complete Procedure To Set Up Windows Media Center On Xbox:

  • Firstly you are required to boot up the Xbox 360 console.
  • You are supposed to open the “My Xbox” and find the tab which is marked as “Window media center”.
  • After finding the tab you have to click on the button marked as “Green/A”.
  • In the next step you have to enter the setup key and move next by ticking on the option labeled as “Continue”.
  • Open the official website of the company by inserting the URL in the search tab of internet web browser with the help of your PC.
  • You have to follow the given link
  • You are required to click on the option entitled as “Windows Media Player 11” and install this on your PC.
  • Hit on the option of “Library” to get an access to the “Media share”.
  • Search the option of “Xbox 360” from the available options and click on the button of “Allow”.
  • After that hit on the option of “OK”.
  • In the last step you have to start window media center on console by choosing from My Apps in Apps.


  • You will be able to access more features through your Xbox by setting up window media center on your Xbox.
  • You can watch and record all your favorite shows and play games through this software.

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