Wegmans Shoppers Club For Business

If you are businessman then you and your team need some exclusive offers by Wegmans. Wegmans is providing you Shoppers Club for Business to offer you exclusive offers to get discount on your shopping. There is no extra fee, all one in purchasing this business program to get many special offers. Wegmans know that how is important to connect with the team by offering them best offers as it has also opened Wegmans Connect Employee Portal for its team to give them exclusive offers.

How To Request For Wegmans Shoppers Club For Business Information?

  • Open this link www.wegmans.com/shoppersclubforbusiness to access the page where you can get the information.
  • On the page see the green button “Request Information” and find the new page where you can enter the details.
  • Enter your contact information like first name, last name, organization and your address.
  • Enter city, state, zip code and work phone number.
  • Enter your email address and choose the option to get information about selected services.
  • Type a short message about what kind of information you want to get.

How To Update Account Information For Shoppers Club for Business?

  • Access this link to maintain your account.
  • Enter your contact information like business name, current card number and your email address.
  • If you want to request new cards then enter the quantity and choose the extra offers.
  • Now update your account by adding billing contact, corporate contact, email address, address, city, state and your postal code.
  • Enter P.O Box number, business phone number and Fax Phone Number.
  • Enter additional comments and click on the button “Submit”.

Benefits Attached With Shoppers Club For Business:

  • Individual Customer Services: you are provided with personal account service to give you ease to handle your business needs.
  • Discount Alerts: Get automatically alerts and email for exclusive offers and discounts.
  • Easy Billing: now can schedule your payments via your account.

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