Activate Your Walmart Money Card Online

Now it has become easy for you to activate your Walmart MoneyCard MasterCard Card to unlock. This MasterCard is issued by Green Dot Bank with the license from Visa U.S.A Inc. You can use this Visa MasterCard anywhere where visa card is acceptable. It is prepaid card that can be loaded with cash balance anytime. You are allowed to use this card for shopping online or make payments via this card. Cardholder can withdraw money from the card from any ATMs machine. If you have just received your card then you have to activate your card to unlock it to make payments.

How To Activate Your Walmart Money Card?

  • Access this link to activate your card before using it.
  • On the page see the online activation form where you have to enter some important information.
  • Enter 16 digits of your Walmart money card number.
  • Enter the card expiration year and month.
  • Provide three digits security code and the last four digits of your social security number.
  • Enter card PIN or you can click on the link “create PIN for me” and you will find 4 digits in the text box as your card PIN. Keep save these 4 digits.
  • Enter the special characters present below.
  • Click on the button “Next”.
  • After that complete the other necessary steps to activate your card.

How To Manage Your Walmart Money Card?

If you have just activated your card and you want online card management service then you can avail option to register your card account. Complete the account registration process to get your online account to manage card activities like recent or old transactions, card balance and paperless statements.

About Walmart Cards:

Walmart is providing you credit, visa and prepaid cards to give you ease for online shopping. If you want to get this Walmart MoneyCard then you can apply for this card online. You can fill online card application to get your card and later activate this card before making purchases.

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