Login To Your Verizon Prepaid Card Account

Verizon is the wholly owned subsidiary of the communication version of the company that has been proving a lot of wireless telecommunications services to the customers based in all over the world. The company was founded way back on April 4, 2000, 16 years ago, from now.

It was founded in the Bedminster, New Jersey, and U.S. The headquarter of the company has been based in the Basking Ridge, New Jersey, United States from where it has been many types of helping and wireless services to the customer through 2,330 locations in all over the U.S.

Services And Products Offered By The Verizon

The company has been providing many kinds of the Mobile telephony services to the customers based in all over the world. As per the report of July 2016, the company has over 142.8 million subscribers around the globe. Here are a few of the services provided by them:

  • You can get to buy many kinds of the Phones and Devices from the company.
  • Many kinds of the Plans and other related services are also available.
  • Apart from all this, you can get many kinds of the deals and accessories from the company as well.

How To Login To Your Verizon Prepaid Card Account:

  • You will need a few things before starting: a good speed internet connection, a device with which, it is connected to and the Account on the official website as well.
  • Now, open your web browser and go to this link: www.verizon.com/prepaidcard
  • Now, grab your Card, that will be used to provide the information on the web page you just opened by visiting the link.
  • Type in the last six digits of your card in the only field present on this page now.
  • Click the black “Enter” button now, and move onto the next page where you will be allowed to access all of the services that are available on the prepaid card.

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