Manage Your Vanilla Visa Gift Card Online

In order to manage your gift card online, you will need to keep your card with you. You have to look for the card number on your gift card, the expiry date of the card and CVV number which can be located at the back of the card near the signature panel. After giving the details then you will be asked to sign in your account and then check the card balance, view transactions history, pay the bill and many other services. Use the steps which are indicated below to manage your gift card online.

How To Manage Your Vanilla Visa Gift Card Online?

  1. You have to enter the given URL link  of the Vanilla Visa Gift Card website into the address bar of web browser.
  2. As you get the website the first time then you will be requested to choose the type of card from given options. For example, you selected the “Vanilla Visa Gift Card” option.
  3. After selection of gift card then you will get a new page and then manage your card and check balance by giving the necessary details.
  4. You are supposed to type the sixteen digits card number into the first given box.
  5. After that, you have to mention the expiry date of your card along with the three digits CVV number.
  6. Once you have added the details then you are required to hit on the option of “Sign in” and then manage your card by going to the appropriate services of the company such as check balance, see transaction history etc.

Vanilla Gift Card Important Points:

  • The Vanilla Gift Card is a type of card which is not reloadable.
  • When you buy and activate your card then you are not allowed to use it for twenty-four hours.
  • You are not permissible to use your card for ATM cash withdraw.
  • If your card has been stolen then you have to report the company as soon as possible.
  • You have to use the card in the locations where visa debit card is acknowledged.

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