Book Your Vacation Plan At Travelocity

Travelocity is providing an opportunity to book your vacation plan online. Now you don’t have to go through process of fatigue to contact travel agent to get information about places and airport to confirm for available tickets as you can perform all these tasks online. Travelocity is providing all these services on its website. All you have to do is visit the website and choose your travel plan and book flight hotel or even car on rent online.

Guideline To Book Your Vacation Plan At Travelocity

  • Turn on your system and open internet browser to visit website of Travelocity to plan for vacation online.
  • Add this link of website into search bar of browser.
  • Once you have added the link into search bar then press button of “Enter” through Keyboard to get access to website.
  • In next step you will be redirected to website, where you will see number of options to book items for your vacation such as hotel, car and flight.
  • You have to select combo of items for which you are looking from given menu located under the section of travel.
  • Once you have selected the combination then you have to provide some details to find out those items for you.
  • Let’s assume you have selected a combo of “Flight, hotel and car”
  • Enter name of city or name of airport from where you will take off in given blank.
  • Enter name of city or name of airport where you are going to land in next stated blank.
  • Enter date of departure and date of arrival in stated format.
  • Select total number of rooms which you want to book at hotel.
  • Select total number of children and adults who are going to travel with you on this vacation.
  • Once you have entered all the details click on button which is titled as “Search”
  • You will be redirected to list of available flights and hotel that matches with your criteria of search select any one and book it online.
  • Similarly, you have to select card, time of booking and total hours for which you required a car and select payment mode to finish the whole process.

Can Anyone Change Hotel After Booking?

Yes, some hotels booking allow their clients to make changes to their reservation online.

Would There Be Any Charges On Changing Hotel Booking?

No charges would be applied on changing guest name, bed type, social request and smoking preference whereas charges will apply on changing the type of room, dates of travel and number of guest.

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