Access Total Rewards Air To Book Your TR Air Getaway

Total Rewards Air is an American company that provides the hospitality and travel services to the customers based across the country. The customer can fly to over 100 cities in all over the United States.

The company uses top-class jets like the Boeing 737 and the Bombardier CRJ-200 for this purpose. It can have you travel to the cities with ease, and a great experience, plus, you can also book the hotels and the resorts for the stay in these places you fly to as well.

How To Access Total Rewards Air To Book Your TR Air Getaway:

  • You need to establish a working internet connection that runs fast as well for this process.
  • Once ready, go to the official website, you can use this link for this purpose:
  • On the website, there is a form at the right side of the page now:
    • Select the destination you want to travel to in the first blank field at the first page now.
    • Select the hotel you want to stay in there in the field that is after that now.
    • Enter the departure city after that now.
    • Select the travel date, select the date of the arrival and then the date of the departure in the next two empty spaces.
    • Select the number of guests you are taking with you in the field that comes next to it now.
    • Enter the TR number one in the field that lies under it now and then enters the TR number 2 in the very last field on the form.
  • If you have a promo code or the package code, click on the white link to provide that in the field that appears now.

Click on the orange “Search” button at the bottom of this page now and get the result of your desired bookings, choose one, and book it online.

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