Join Thorntons For Guest Experience Survey

THORNTONS is a United Kingdom based chocolate company that makes your special occasions, even more, special by offering you some awesome chocolate made gifts. It was set up in the Sheffield, West Riding of Yorkshire, England in the year 1911.

Founded by Joseph William Thornton, the company operates its services through the base of operations located in the Alfreton, England, from where it is known to have operating a total of 228 stores.

How To Join Thorntons For Guest Experience Survey

Every company in the world knows the significance of the surveys, these are done in order to enhance the traffic on the websites along with the stores and restaurants, etc. as well. It helps the company strategically as well as it helps them know, what is best for them according to their customers point of view.

It also helps the company by letting them know the strength and the weaknesses of these companies as well. The shorter the survey, the more it helps by having most of the people taking it.

Here is how you can take one for the above-mentioned company:

  • Go and look for the official web link of the company that should lead you to the official website of the company so that you can take the survey.
  • Now, find the survey page on the website and go to it.
  • If the page is hard to find, you may use this short url:, as well which will lead you straight to the survey page.
  • Once you are on this page there is a field that needs to be filled.
  • To fill this, you must have a receipt of the company.
  • Every company gives a receipt while you leave one of their stores after paying a bill through it, so you should have one as well.
  • Look for the 17-digit code located on it, once found, type it in the only field placed on this page.
  • Click on the red “Start” button now.

Move to the next page to give answers to all the survey questions asked on it now.

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