Earn Points And Redeem Citi ThankYou® Rewards

Thankyou is an online reward giving service offered by the CITI to their customers. It is an American company that provides some banking and financial services to their customers based across the country. It also provides the credit card services as well.

How You Can Earn Points And Redeem Citi ThankYou® Rewards

  • You need to establish a very fast speed internet connection, first of all, make sure that it is running at a constant speed and should not be interrupting you in the middle of the process in case of any the crash.
  • You also need a computer, laptop or any other such device that can be used to connect to the internet now.
  • Open your web browser after setting up the connection and visit the website of the company that it uses for the online business.
  • This link will take you to the Thankyou option now: www.thankyou.com/redeem
  • Now, click on the black “Sign On” button just right to the redeem your rewards option now.
  • On the next page now, you can either login using your CITI account, or the Thankyou account.
  • For the CITI account login:
    • Type in the username in the first field on the form now.
    • Provide the password in the field next to it now.
    • Check the remember me box below the form now.
    • Click the yellow “Sign On” button and get logged in to redeem the rewards.
  • If you want to sign on using the Thankyou account:
    • Type in the username in the first field below the option.
    • Type in your password now in the next field.
    • Check the box below to get remembered for the next time.
    • Click the yellow “Sign On” button now and get logged in.

After you are logged in, you can get to redeem your rewards from the account along with many other options as well.

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