Participate In Subway UK Customer Survey

Subway holds and owns a very large number of the fast food restaurants running in a long chain in all over the world satisfying and entertaining the people with its top-quality services. It is known to be one of the best and the first choice of the people when it comes to getting the awesome and safe food in many different countries in the world. The company stepped foot in the business as the Pete’s Super Submarines: August 28, 1965, some 51 years ago, in the Bridgeport, Connecticut, U.S. Later on, it changed the name into current form in the year 1968.

The company has been the idea and determination of the efforts of the two owners Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck. The company has been holding its major headquarter in the Milford, Connecticut, U.S. that is responsible for managing a total of as many as 44,834 restaurants in the 112 countries all over the globe.

The European franchises of the company have been managed by the Amsterdam (Netherlands), and the New Zealand and the Australian franchises are operated and managed through the Brisbane (Australia) The Asian franchises are operated through the regional headquarter placed in the Beirut (Lebanon) and Singapore. The support center for the Latin America is Miami.

How You Can Participate In Subway UK Customer Survey

  • Pay a short visit towards the official online hub of the company, its website.
  • Go to the survey page on it now, if you cannot find it, the link to it is the key:
  • On this page, you will need to have a receipt to fill the form that is placed on it comprising of only one blank field to proceed.
  • Enter the store ID listed on the receipt in the field and click green “Submit” button.
  • Rate the questions mentioned on the page and submit them to the company.
  • After taking part in the survey, you will receive a free cookie from any Subway.

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