Join Tell PDQ Guest Satisfaction Survey

Tell PDQ is a United States based fast-casual chicken restaurant chain that comprises of a long list of the locations running all over the country. It was established some six years ago, in the Tampa, Florida in the year 2011. The company has been running a total of 55 locations in the Alabama, Florida, New Jersey, Georgia, Nevada, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Texas.

Headquarter has the responsibility to manage all these operations in the restaurants have been located in the Tampa, Florida, United States. It is specialized in and is known for its Eat-in and takeout service.

List Of The Services You Can Get From The Company:

  • The company provides the Chicken tenders which are unique and awesome in their taste.
  • You can also get many kinds of the chicken products and the turkey sandwiches as well.
  • The restaurants have been specialized in providing the salads, along with the home fries as well.
  • You can also get a long list of different shapes and flavored shakes and cookies as well.

How You Can Join Tell PDQ Guest Satisfaction Survey

  • Pay a visit to the official website of the company, first of all; you can find it very easily on the internet.
  • Once you are at it, go to its survey page now.
  • If you can’t find the link, you can use this one to go there in a jiffy if your connection is fast:
  • On this website, go to the middle of the page until you see an only field that needs to be filled with the information.
  • For that information, take a look on the receipt that you have from the company first of all.
  • Look for the 18-digit survey code on it, it is mentioned at the top of it.
  • Type it in the only field on this page now.

Click on the red “Start” button at the end of the page and give the answers to all these questions that are asked on the next page.

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