Join Hardees Customer Experience Survey

Hardees is a long chain of fast-food restaurants that are running all across the world and let their customers enjoy safe and spicy and innovative food items now and then. The American based company was established in the Rocky Mount, North Carolina back on June 23, 1960, which is almost 56 years ago.

It has now been headquartered in the St. Louis, Missouri, U.S. that is responsible for managing operations of over 5,812 in 40 US states as well as ten foreign countries as well.

How To Join Hardees Customer Experience Survey:

Many companies compete among themselves to be better and providing better taste and quality of the products the other, providing the best hospitality and the customer services are one other way of doing this, the company lets their customers decide for them by conducting surveys, here is how to take one:

  • Open your internet browser after connecting your computer with a good speed internet connection.
  • Go to the survey page on the official website now, or click this link:
  • Once the page is loaded, you will see an error message that the sweepstakes are closed, but will be showing an alternative link as well, copy/paste that link in the new tab and press enter.
  • Now, type in the year of your birth in the only field on the page. Click the yellow “>>” button.
  • Now, select “Hardees” on the next page and again click “>>” button.
  • Select “Yes” if you have the receipt and again click the yellow “>>” button.
  • Take your receipt out and look for a 7-digit store number in the only field on this new page now and click the yellow “>>” Button.
  • You will be exposed to some questions on the next few pages, answer them honestly one by one and submit them back to the company at the end.

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