Join White Spot Guest Feedback Survey

White Spot is a long chain of the restaurants providing the spice and excellent taste of the products in the Canada. It was established on June 16, 1928, and have been known all over the country due to its top-class services and the product quality. The headquarter has been placed in the Vancouver, British Columbia. It is the result of an idea and the determination of the founder Nat Bailey.

How To Join White Spot Guest Feedback Survey: 

  • Find the official web link to the website of the company first of all. You can easily find it over the internet.
  • Otherwise, you also have an option to try out this link:
  • It will take you to the website and then will automatically lead you to the survey page as well.
  • On this survey page, you have to choose the type of the receipt you have with you.
  • Choose from the two, and click on the “Enter” button in the white color at the top of the receipt.
  • Now, for the receipt at the right side:
    • Enter the restaurant number you paid the visit to last time in the very first blank field on this form now.
    • Enter the date on which you paid this visit now in the field that lies next to it.
    • Now, also choose the time of your visit as well, that has to be chosen in the field below it.
    • Now, take the receipt out and find the receipt number mentioned at the extreme bottom of it, type it in the second last field placed on the form now.
    • Now, enter the total amount you had to pay at the restaurant at the end of your visit in the extreme last field on the form.

Click on the white “Enter” button at the end of the page now. This will directly lead you to the next page, this page is full of questions, and you have to answer them all one by one before submitting them back to the company.

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