Login To Sweepstakes Clearinghouse Account

Sweepstakes Clearing is a promotional company that has been conducting contests and sweepstakes for some companies for many years. The company was founded 30 years ago, and is known to have thousands of customers and the prize winners from the time of their evolving.

It has been working with the help of professional teams that have been managing it with over a 100 year of experience combine in the field of direct marketing industry. The headquarter of the company is based in the Arlington, Texas, the United States from where it has been managing some services and offers for their customers.

Services Offered By The Sweepstakes Clearinghouse

The company is glad to have their trust built up with the customers with the quality of the products and the services they are providing to their customers over the years. Here are a few services that are available at the online website:

  • You can make an online account on the website to get extra special services.
  • You can enter the sweeps of many companies.
  • You can check the winners of any particular sweepstakes being conducted by the company as well.

How To Login To Sweepstakes Clearinghouse Account:

  • Open your web browser and go to this link: www.sweepstakesclearinghouse.com
  • Click on the “Enter Sweeps” tag on the top of the page now.
  • Provide your first name, last name, and the street address in the opening fields of the form.
  • Type in the Apt. City and the Zip Code of the Area you are based in as well.
  • Select the State of your residence after that.
  • Type in the name of the country you are living in.
  • Provide your home phone number and the active email address in the last field of the form.
  • Select, if you are 18 years of age.
  • Check the box, if you want to get subscribed to the updates.
  • Click the blue “Submit” button at the end of the page. That will get you registered and then you can get to enter the sweeps after the verification of the info you provided.

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