Enroll With Sun Trust To Make Payment Of Bills Online

Sun Trust online banking is allowing you to pay your bills online and manage your financial life with through clicks. With this service you will become able to manage your day to day record of transactions. Through this service checking your balance will only be the beginning. Sun Trust online banking can be activated by enrolling yourself on website which will allow you to make payments of bills online and much more.

Detailed Instructions To Pay Bills Online At Sun Trust:

  • In order to make payments of bills online at Sun Trust you are required to turn your personal computer or related device on and try to access internet browser which you are using now-a-days.
  • Once you have accessed the browser add this URL address www.suntrust.com into search bar of web browser and click on button of “Go” to visit website.
  • In next step you will be redirected to home window of website where you have to click on tab of “Banking”, a drop down list will be appeared contain numerous sections and services.
  • You are supposed to click on link of “Online pay bill” this click will bring a new window
  • Scroll the window little down and click on link of “Sign up for Online payment of bills”
  • In next window you are supposed to select the right option for enrollment from available options.
  • Let’s say you have selected the option of Sun Trust personal credit card and click on button of “Begin Enrollment”
  • In next step you are supposed to add “Sun Trust Credit Card Number” in marked field.
  • Enter date of expiry of sun trust credit card in next marked blank.
  • Once you have added these information you are required to add three digit security code in next blank.
  • Add last four digit of social security number in marked blank
  • Add zip code of your area and click on button of “Next”
  • Similarly, you are supposed to provide your security information as required in given blanks.
  • Select services by following on screen guidelines to finish the whole process.

Benefits After Enrollment:

Once you have enrolled yourself for Sun Trust online bill payment you will become able to enjoy stated below benefits.

  • You can pay all bills through a secure website having user ID and password
  • You can make schedule of payments when you want to pay them.
  • You can send payments to anybody with mailing address of US
  • Use E-bills to get electronic version of paper bills

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