Enroll With SunTrust Online Banking

SunTrust allows you to manage your account easily and securely by enrolling with the online banking of the company. You have to keep your SSN, security access code along with the security name in order to start the process.  After enrolling your account then you will be able to administer the activities of your account anytime and wherever you want. You can get a number of online services like you can pay your bills, transfer the balance, set up alerts and other such activities online. This process requires only five to six minutes and after that, you can access your account anytime from your home.

What Are Full Set Of Guides To Enroll In SunTrust Online Banking?

  1. In order to enroll your account, you have to visit the SunTrust enrollment page by adding the given link www.suntrust.com/completeenrollment
  2. When the enrollment page opens then you will get three steps to complete the process.
  3. In the first step, you are supposed to verify your details by first adding the security access code.
  4. In the next space, you are invented to add the Social Security Number of nine digits.
  5. In the last point of the verification form, you are required to enter the security name. It should be your mother’s or median name or it can be a word which is selected by the person at the time of branch enrollment.
  6. When you give all the details then you have to snap on the tab of “Next” and he moves to the next step of enrollment.
  7. You have to look at the screen instructions and complete the other steps of the process online.

What Is Security Access Code?

  1. This code may consist of numbers as well as letters.
  2. You can get this code when you show your interest in online banking and want to enroll your account.
  3. You can get this code via email or mail so you have to give the valid and legal email and mailing address to avoid any mistake.
  4. If you have any questions regarding enrollment then you can visit the FAQ page or call on the customer service number of the company.

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