Join Staples Retail Customer Satisfaction Survey

STAPLES was established way back on May 1, 1986, about 31 years ago, in the Brighton, Massachusetts, United States. Being headquartered in the Framingham, Massachusetts, United States, the company owns a total of 1,225 stores in the United States along with 40 warehouses as well. It runs all its services all over the world and has known to own a revenue of US$ 21.059 billion as of 2015.

A List Of The Services You Can Get From The Staples

You can get many services, some of the special and specific ones are listed here:

  • Many kinds of the Office Supplies, facility and Janitorial Supplies along with the Office Furnishing is available at the stores.
  • The company also gives the IT Consulting, Office and Data Center and the Technology Hardware services.
  • You can get the Sourcing, Industry-specific supplies, and the Health and Beauty products from the stores as well.
  • You are going to love the Electronics, Furniture, and the Snacks you will get from the company.
  • Aside from these services, there are much other available as well.

How You Can Join Staples Retail Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • In the very first step, you have to go to the online hub, that is the official website of the company.
  • Go to the survey page, the option to this survey page usually lies at the end of the page.
  • If you are unable to find it, you can click on this link as well:
  • On this page, first of all, select the language you want to take the survey in.
  • Click the red button to move forward, in a case of “English,” click on the button.
  • Now, take your receipt out and look closely to get a survey code written on it.
  • Type his code in the only blank field now on the page that you get after clicking the language selecting button.
  • Now, there is a whole lot list of the questions that you have to answer on the next page.

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