Access My Sprint And Get Discounts

Are you thinking about joining the Sprint? If so, then you might be eligible to get a great discount. If you are one of those whose universities, organization, or company is a participant in the Sprint Discount Program and now you are about to join Sprint, then you qualify for the monthly service discount. To more about the eligibility program, you can get in touch with the company at their support center, anytime.

What Benefits A Sprint User Can Get?

For a Sprint customer, there are many perks that he can enjoy. One of the biggest advantages that you would get as a customer is the monthly service discount that they are offering. There is complete information available on their website about the benefits and the eligibility criteria that you can go through to get familiar with their offers.

How To Access My Sprint To Get Discounts?

The company employee, members of the organizations, companies, and universities who participate in their program can get benefit from their monthly service discount. To get the discount information, you can do the following process:

  • Click:
  • Now, you will see the relevant information from the company and at the bottom of the page you will see three blank fields just above the “Continue” button.
  • Enter your Sprint phone number there, and then click the “Continue” button.

Right after you hit the “continue” button you will be taken to a page where you can apply for the new discount, verify your eligibility for the monthly service discount, and have a look at your discount request status. So, use this page to know whatever queries you have in your mind.

How Much Time They Take To Confirm Your Discount?

Right within the three business days of getting your information, the company will confirm about the discount offer. If you are unable to receive any confirmation from the company within the three days, then you can also call their helpline regarding that.

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