Access Sprint Account And Earn Upto 25,000 American Airlines Aadvantage® Miles

Sprint is the United States based telecommunications holding company that has been providing the wireless services to the customers based in all parts of the country from quite a time now. It is also one of the best internet service provider in the country. The company was founded way back on June 19, 1899, almost 117 years ago, and was known by the name of Brown Telephone Company at that time.

It has been headquartered in the Overland Park, Kansas, United States and was founded by Jacob Brown, who was determined to provide the long-distance services to their customers at the time of establishment of the company.

How You Can Earn More Miles After Sign Into The Account

  • You are going to need a few things before starting:
    • A very fast speed internet connection that must run with a regular constant speed as well.
    • You also need a computer or a laptop for this purpose or a mobile device like a tablet or a smartphone will also do.
    • You are going to need a web browser to do the cause as well.
  • Once you are all good to go, connect the internet connection to the computer and check the speed and connectivity.
  • Go to the official website of the company now and then access the rewards page on it.
  • Or, here is the direct link to go the page:
  • Once the website is open, scroll down to the end of the page until you see a registration form:
  • Once you find it:
    • Type in your 10-digit mobile phone number in the first field on the form now.
    • Provide the AAdvantage® Member number in the field next to it as well now.

Click the yellow “Pre-Register” button at the end of the form now and get registered You can now get to the next page and from there, you can get to earn more miles for you as well.

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