Apply For Speedway Business Fleet Card

Speedway, LLC is a United States-based company that provides a group of gas station/convenience stores in chains running in many parts of the country. The company was founded two years ago in the 2015 and now has been headquartered in the Enon, Ohio, United States. From where it is operating a total of 2822 stores in the country.

How You Can Apply For Speedway Business Fleet Card

Business Fleet Card comes up with many golden opportunities like the rewards, offers, promotional service and paying as well as keeping the records online on the website. Here is how you can apply for the card online from the official website of the company:

  • Make a secure and reliable as well as fast speed internet connection with your computer and open the internet browser.
  • Go to this link:
  • Scroll down to click the yellow “Apply Now” button under the Business Fleet Card option.
  • Type in the company legal name, first name, last name and then the email address in the initial fields on the form.
  • Provide the business phone number, business fax, and the name used in the business as well now.
  • Provide business physical address, city, state and the zip code now.
  • Now provide the Billing contact first and the last name, business email address, phone number, mobile number and the fax.
  • Select the Fiscal Year Starts, mailing address, city, state and the zip code again for the billing purpose.
  • Type in the years in business, Taxpayer ID, some vehicles, legal structure, Average Monthly Fuel/Service Expenses, and the answer to “Is your business exempt from Motor Fuels Tax?” question.
  • Provide promotional code and tell how did you hear about the offer.
  • Provide the signer’s title, first name and the last name now in the next few fields.
  • Type in the signer’s phone number and the email address now in the last field on the page.

Click the yellow “Submit Application” button at the end of the page to submit the application.

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