Search For Available Flight At Southwest

South-west is providing you an opportunity to book your flight online. With this facility now you don’t have to make hundreds of calls to Air-lines or to visit Airport personally to check the status of available flights and then book it accordingly. Now you can search available flights online by following given below instructions. South-West has made a lot of ease for busy people and off course a big thanks to technology as well. Now what you have to do is, keep details of your travel such as location and date and time of flight enter these information and search for available flight. Once you have got the flight of your choice book it.

Guideline To Search For Available Flight At Southwest

  • To begin the process, you have to turn on your computer system and open web browser to add official URL of website into address bar of browser.
  • Link of website is given here add this link to access website.
  • Once you have accessed the website, you have to look for a tab which is marked as “Book-Flight”
  • When you have got the section then select the nature of flight from given options of “Round Trip” or “one way”
  • After that Add name of location from where you are going to depart in text box which is marked as “Depart”
  • Enter name of the place where you want to go in next text box of “Arrive”
  • Once you have added the details about location now specify the dates. Enter the date of departure when you are going to leave your state in textbox of “Departure Date”
  • Enter date of arrival in given format as directed in textbox of “Return Date”
  • Select total number of adults from given options and number of seniors which are going to travel with you.
  • Enter “Promo Code” in marked field as required. If you don’t have code leave the blank empty and click on button of “Search”
  • You will be redirected to list of available flights select any one according to your choice.

Limitation Of Language:

  • In South-West Carryon items are confined to 1 bag with 1 smaller or personal type item.
  • You are allowed 2 checked pieces of luggage per ticket with limitation of weight and size.
  • We do charge for excess and overweight items.

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