Access Solstas Lab Partners One-Time Payment Service

Making an online payment is an easy option for a customer who wants to pay the bill sitting in their homes rather than going out in the heat or the cold and waste some extra time in their way to the offices. It helps them to make their payment securely and safely so that you cannot be misdirected or your payment does not go anywhere else.

It will also help you by securing your private payment information as well because the cyber security is what everyone wants these days. If you want to make the payment online, you will be needing an online account that can take you into your account from where you can access the online payment options and many other online options as well. But, to save yourself some more time, you can make a one-time payment as well, here is how you can make it:

How To Access Solstas Lab Partners One-Time Payment Service

  • Starting the process, you will have to go to the official website of the company and then visit the payment options portal. Or, to get you directly there, here is the link:
  • Once you are on the website of the company, you will be taken to only form present in the form, you will have to fill it by providing the demanded information, which is: Enter the account or the invoice number in the first blank field on the form and then type the zip code in the field that lies next to it. Select the division from the list in the last option now.

Click on the white colored “Submit” button placed beneath the form now at the end. You will be redirected to the next page now where you can provide the other data regarding your bill and then submit it at the end. Your bill will be paid now and you will get the confirmation about it via a notification as well. You also don’t need to worry about the payment being sent to somewhere else.

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