Apply For Social Security Benefits Online

Social security benefit is service to provide service to the people who need benefits. This service was started by social security administration. if you want to apply benefits provided by social security but you don’t have time or social security office is far away from house, office or flat and you also don’t want to travel then you can apply for social security benefits online over internet. You can easily apply and set your meetings without moving out of your house or office.

What Are Requirements?

  • You will need a computer, a laptop or a Smartphone with internet access enabled on it.
  • Online service will be active on Monday to Friday from 5 A.M to 1 A.M and 5 A.M to 11 P.M at Saturday and 8 A.M to 10 P.M on Sunday. On holidays from 5 A.M to 11 P.M.
  • If you want to apply for spouse or retirement benefits you should be over 61 years and your application should be registered 4 months before the time you want to avail benefits.
  • If you are registering yourself for retirement or Spouse benefits service, you can apply for both with Medicare but if you are not applying for them you can only register for Medicare benefit
  • If you are registering for disability benefits then you have to provide report of your adult disability with information about medical, work and study information then administration panel will decide whether your eligible or not for benefits.
  • You should be residential of United States of America and you will receive benefits by your bank account or other financial institutions.

Guideline To Apply For Social Security Benefits Online?

  • Now go to your internet browser and open it, in the search bar of your internet browser enter this link and press enter or click on go button to proceed to the main website.
  • When the web page loads in front of you look for the phrase named as “Apply for social security benefits” click it.
  • A drop down will open select “Apply for benefits”.
  • A new page will load in front of you. Some information will be mentioned on it, read them all carefully and then look for the button named as “Start a new application process” and click it.
  • Then on the next page you will be asked for who you are applying for. Select for whom you are applying and then you will be asked if you are blind or not select and proceed.
  • On next page there will be from. You have to enter all the information asked like name and social security number and date of birth, Follow all the steps to complete the registration process.
  • Print your application and mail the required documents to the social security email address

About Social Security:

Social security benefits provide service to needy people. They include services of retirement, Medicare, spouse and disability benefits. These services are owned by Social security administration. they started online portal where you can apply, manage and check status of your social security application.

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