Locate A Shell Station In Your Area Online

Shell is an oil provider company in the United States that is a subordinate of the Royal Dutch Oil Company of the Netherlands. This multinational Anglo-Dutch company is one of the largest oil companies in the world. Their Headquarter is in Houston, Texas from where they operate in all States of America with the help and efforts of 22.000 employees.

Apart from this, Shell is one of the America’s top oil producers, gasoline marketers, petrochemical manufacturers and the natural gas marketers as well. Shell is half partnered with a Saudi Oil Company Saudi Aramco.

Services Offered By The Shell

Shell has in total over 25,000 branded gas station working in all U.S States and that makes it America’s one of the top leaders in the market.  Shell Provide the following services to its customers:

  • It provides Card Services to its customers.
  • It provides oil and also refines it for their customers.
  • Fuel, Exploration, Petroleum refinery.
  • Oil and Petroleum Production.
  • Polymer Technology is one of the top products of the Shell.
  • CO2 injection is made part of the enhanced techniques of the recovery.
  • Ranch Styled Service stations for the Americans.

Here Is How To Locate A Shell Station In Your Area

  • Make a reliable internet connection with your computer by keeping it in mind that it is safe, fast and do not disturb in the middle of the searching process.
  • Open your web browser that runs well with your internet connection speed.
  • Follow this link: www.shell.us
  • Scroll down your cursor a bit and then click on to the Shell Station Locator button.
  • Select the option that you are a private customer or a card holder and click on it.

A whole map of the USA will be in front of you with the yellow boxes indicating the Shell stations on it. At the top right of the screen, you can type in the local area location as well to search the station and it will take you even closer to the station. Hope the guide will help you find one easily.

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