Access My Service Canada Account Online

Services Canada is an initiative taken by the government of Canada to help meet their citizen’s demands at a better expected level, get less cluttered services from the government that should be more responsive too. All this is expected to be done by improving the delivery and design of the government programs and services provided to the citizens of the Canada.

To provide the citizens a single access point to get the wide range of services, Services Canada officially started on September 14, 2005.

Services Offered By The Service Canada

The Government of Canada started the Service Canada initiative, to deliver services to the citizens through phone, email, and the internet as well. It’s been very easy since the establishment of the service to access government help by sitting at home via the internet. Some of the services are mentioned here:

  • You can get jobs by searching them, can hire employees and manage them, training and can start a business as well through the government aid.
  • You can get the immigration services, visa, citizenship, work, refugees, settlement, etc.
  • Apart from all this, travel, health, and business services can be taken from the website.

How To Create An Account Onto The Service Canada

  • Get your computer connected to an internet connection that should be fast, reliable and secured as well.
  • Open the web browser and go to this link:
  • Drag onto the “online services” tag, Click onto the “My service Canada account”.
  • At the end of the page, click the register button.
  • Select if you already have an access code or not.
  • Chose from one of the two options you want to sign in and then provide the demanded information.

Clicking on to the continue button at the end will put your request to the management, which will then check and verify your information and then will allow you to use the services.

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