Open Scottrade Account To Get Trader Solutions

In this service by Scottrade you can open Scottrade online account to get trader solutions. You can avail different services by opening your online account in Scottrade like trading online, trading over the mobile using internet and online banking service. You can also do your investments regard less to the amount you want to invest from $5. It is a free of coast service provided by Scottrade. It takes almost 10 minutes to open your account to use these services. There are very easy and simple steps to open your account.

What Are Requirements?

  • You will be needed a computer, a laptop or Smart phone with working internet connection to use services.
  • You will need your social security or a individual tax payer identification number.
  • Your company’s name, address and phone number.
  • You will also need beneficiary’s social security number, address and date of birth.

Guideline To Open Scottrade Account To Get Trader Solutions:

  • Go to your computer, laptop or Smart phone, turn it on and connect it to internet.
  • Then go to your internet browser and on the search bar of internet browser enter this link, press enter or click on go button to proceed ahead to the main website.
  • On the main page of website look for the button named as “Open a New Account” on the right side bar of the page and press that button to register for the Scottrade account.
  • On next page that loads on your screen first of all read all the instructions mentioned. Here you will be asked to enter your personal information which is that your name, email address, home address, city, state, ZIP code and phone number. You have to select the type of account you want to open.
  • Enter all the information correctly which will be asked and after that press continue button to proceed ahead to next page.
  • Here you will be asked to enter your social security number or your individual tax payer identification number then you will have to enter name, social security number and phone number of your company and beneficiary’s social security number and press submit button to finish registration process. Now wait for your account to be created by scottrade. After that you can login to your account and you can use this account to avail offer which you desire to use.

About Scottrade:

Scottrade was established in 1980. It belongs to the list of online discount brokers list. It was started by Rodger O. Riney. It has almost 500 offices all across United State of America. It also offer service of advertisement. You can also ivest in educational program through this plateform. It has started this web portal to provide its clients easy access to their accounts or you can also create on line account. It also serve Asian clients in pacific region and also recruited Chinese speaking staff at their service center in United States of America.

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