Access Sam’s Club Credit Online Account Management Center

Sam’s West, Inc. is an American chain of the retail stores that work on the membership-only warehouse clubs. The company is owned and also operated by Walmart. It was established in the year 1983 and is named after its founder Sam Walton.

The club has total sales of $57.157 billion in FY 2014. It reported a 0.3% sales increase in the year 2014. Also, it had a 4.1% increase in the year 2013. Later on, it had an increase of 8.4% sales increase in the year 2012. The chain is known to be serving 47 million U.S members and is also the 8th largest U.S. retailer as well.

How To Access Sam’s Club Credit Online Account Management Center:

  • First of all, use this link to get to the official website of the company:
  • To activate the account, you need to login first.
  • Click on the orange “Login” button under the consumer account option now.
  • You will see the form on the left side of your screen.
    • In a blank space, you need to write in your User ID.
    • Then below, type in your password in the field next to it now.
    • Then to get logged in, you have to click on blue “Secure Login” button.
    • In case, if you forgot your User ID, click on “Find User ID” link given below.
    • For password, click on the green “Reset Password” link under the form.
    • Enter the user ID in the first blank field on the next page.
    • Type the zip code in the next one.
    • Then tapping on the blue “Continue” button to get your password for logging in.
  • If you are a new user, click on the blue “Register” button.
  • After that in required blank space, you need to type in your card number, which is on the front of your credit card or statement.
  • In the second empty field, you have to write in the zip code, your billing zip code.

Click on the blue “Continue” button now and get the account created by providing the information on the next few pages.

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