Get RUSHCARD Prepaid Visa Card Online

RUSHCARD is a card that helps millions of Americans around the country to get themselves a free and more secure opportunity to store and manage their payments via a card. The company was co-founded by Russell Simmons back in the year 2003 and have been very successful in winning the trusts of their customers due to the quality and security of their services.

How To Get RUSHCARD Prepaid Visa Card Online:

The Card helps million in many various ways and is obviously a secure way for the managing of your money and all. Here is how to get it:

  • You will have to go to this link: It is an official link to the official website of the company.
  • After the page is loaded, go on to the top right corner of the page to click on the yellow “GET An RUSHCARD” button.
  • That will take you to the next page.
  • You are now onto the buying process page, scroll down to the form.
  • Type in your first name in the first field of this form now.
  • Provide your last name in the field next to it.
  • Type in your complete address in the next field. That’s the address where the card will be sent.
  • Type in your Social Security Number was moving to the next field of the form.
  • Now, type in your email address and then the Apt/Suite, which is optional as well.
  • Provide the Zip Code of the area you are living in.
  • Now, select the month, day and year of your birth in the next field.
  • Select your Phone type and then provide your phone number in the last field of the form.
  • Now, in the end, check the box if you agree to the terms and policies of the company.
  • Read the terms below.
  • Click the yellow “Agree & Continue” button at the end of this page now; that will get your request submitted and you will get you the card at your given address within a few business days.

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