Join Royal Oak Inn’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

The Royal Oak Inn’s customer satisfaction survey is an online survey conducted by the corporation in order to collect the view and suggestions of their clients. As a participant of the survey, you are required to mention the date of check in and check out in the respective areas. After that, you need to answer the questions of the survey which are related to your stay in the hotel. The feedback which is given by the customers cannot be shared with the company’s employees. You need to go to the steps which are indicated below to join online survey.

What Is The Complete Procedure To Take The Online Survey?

  1. At the beginning of the survey, you need to insert the link of the website into the navigation bar of any browser.
  2. After that, you need to read survey description and then click on the tab “Next”.
  3. Now you are asked to mention the check-in date as well as check out date from the calendar.
  4. After picking the dates then you need to click on the green tab of “Next” to move on next step.
  5. Now you will are required to show your response by answering some simple questions related to your stay in a hotel.
  6. After answering the questions then you need to click on the tab which is indicated as “Next” and then complete the rest of survey by using the commands shown on your screen.

Description Of The Questionnaire:

  1. Most of the questions are multiple choice and some are in “Yes” or “No” response.
  2. Some of the questions are about the cleanliness of the hotel rooms, front desk support, the behavior of the employee with the customers and others.
  3. Your feedback will not be shared with anyone but can be used to make improvement in the company.
  4. In order to know about the company or survey then you need to read the “privacy policy” page of the website.

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