Login To Wyndham Worldwide For Recognition Program

WYNDHAM WORLDWIDE is a United States based organization that helps people by providing the hospitality services. It is also the holding company for the Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, RCI as well.  The company had started their business back on July 8, 2006, and now their headquarter is situated and operating from Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey, United States.

How You Login To Wyndham Worldwide For Recognition Program

  • Initially, you will have to go to the link that can take you to the website of the company that they use for the online business.
  • You can also use this link to get to this website: www.recognitionwyn.com
  • Once you are at it, there is a form you need to fill:
    • Type your username in the first blank box now on this form.
    • You may have forgotten or lost it; you can recover it by clicking on the blue “username” link at the end of the form now.
    • In the username section, enter the email address in the only given field and then click on the blue “Submit” button to get your username back.
    • Put it back in the login form now.
  • Enter the password now in the field that comes below it; it can be forgotten as well, so you have the option to recover it:
    • Click on the blue “Password” link at the bottom.
    • Type your username in the only field now and click on the blue “Submit” button.
    • You will get the code now, if you have it already, click on the blue “Create New Password >” and continue the following process:
      • Type the username in the first field.
      • The new password in the next field now.
      • Retype this new password you want to set now.
      • Enter the code you have received in the last field.
      • Click on the blue “Create Password” button.
    • Put the password in the second field on the login form.

Click on the blue “Login” button now and get logged in to get the services.

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