Apply For Southwest Rapid Rewards® Credit Card

Rapid Rewards Card is allotted by Chase in joint collaboration of Southwest Airlines. Cardholders can earn free points and benefits on everyday shopping. Mailing offer introduced by the company allows the credit card holders to earn bonus of 50 thousand points when they have exceeded the purchasing limit of $2,000 from the credit card. But these purchasing must be made within the time span of three months after getting the card if the purchasing is less than $2000 than bonus will be striped of. Follow the given directions to apply for the mailing offer.

How To Access Southwest Rapid Rewards® Credit Card Application:

Go through the directions to complete the application process of mailing offer:

  • Open website by entering the mentioned link in search bar of any browser installed on your system.
  • After having the website being displayed on your system screen you will observe a form presented at the homepage.
  • You are supposed to fill the form by mentioning the necessary details. Enter the twelve digit invitation code which is issued to you in the invitation letter sent by South west Airline.
  • Moving towards next field enter the five digit zip code to trace your offer.
  • Mention your last name in the next field and click on the sign highlighted as “Submit”.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and complete the application procedure.

Rapid Reward High And Low Spots:

  • There is no boundary on earning points with Rapid Rewards Card. Cardholder can earn as much as he wants and these points will not expire.
  • Every year cardholder can earn six thousand points as bonus of anniversary from the date of signing up.
  • There is no black out date or seat limitation when traveling with southwest.
  • No external transaction and annual fee is $99.
  • Annual fee for the cardholders will be applied as first billing testimonial.
  • If Cardholder has not been using the card during last 24 months then his account will be blocked and all the points will be lose.

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