Access PSA To Update Your Health Insurance Information

The PSA Patient Service Center is offered by an American Medicare and health care services providing company that offer a portal for the patients to help them get some services online from their home.

They can get to make payments online, they can update their information online and can check the balance as well as many other services are promised.

How You Can Update Your Health Insurance Information On PSA:

  • Go to the web portal offered by the company first of all, here is the link:
  • Click on the red “Update Information” button in the center of the page now.
  • In the patient information form:
    • Provide the first name, middle name and then the last name in the first three fields.
    • Check the box in case of a new home address.
    • Provide your address, city, select the state and then provide the zip code in the next few fields.
    • Provide the phone number and then the date of the birth.
    • Select the gender, provide the SSN and then the account number.
  • In the medical information form:
    • Provide the Medicare Part B Number in the first field.
    • Select the state in the next one.
  • In the Medicaid Information form:
    • Enter the Medicaid number and then select the state.
  • In the Insurance Information form:
    • Check if you have a primary insurance or a secondary one.
    • Enter the Insurance Company Name and then the Ins. Company Phone Number.
    • Provide the Ins. Company Address, city, state and then zip code.
    • Provide the Policyholder’s Name and then the date of birth.
    • Provide the SSN, employer, and then the policy number in the next few fields.
    • Enter the group number and then the Patient Relationship to Policyholder.
  • In the other info form:
    • Provide the email address.
    • Write any comments.

Click on the white “Submit” button at the end and update the info.

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