Access Prepaid Rewards & Claim A Reward

Prepaid Rewards is a credit card provider among the United States, through which your purchasing becomes easier and you get rewards in return. They never charge fees to customers for claiming their reward.

Prepaid Rewards Card

This card is like other credit cards having the VISA logo on it, but you cannot use it anywhere. A point of sales is required for using it; you can’t use it on ATM machines or gas stations. Always select the credit option because the card has not been assigned any PIN code. Choose credit and sign the receipt after you purchase.

How To Access Prepaid Rewards & Claim A Reward:

To claim a reward, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • Click on the link to claim your rewards.
  • As, the page opens you will see a blank field on the right of the page. You have to enter the first six digits of your card number to get yourself properly logged in.
  • If you enter more than six digits, then you will not be able to get your reward.
  • As entering the card number, now you have to click the “Enter” button below it to proceed further.

If Your Card Is Lost Or Stolen, Then Follow These Steps:

  • Click on the link under the section of “Lost/Stolen”.
  • When you click it, a new tab will open and a “Form of Fraud” will open.
  • You have to download it and get the filled form notarized by license notary public, in case you fail then the form is sent back to you.
  • You have to send the original form to them as they don’t accept copies or faxed of affidavit.
  • The further processing will start after 5-7 business days from when the form is received with complete details.

You can also contact them on their mail address for any further assistance regarding any of your issues.

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