Access Citi Prepaid Services Online

CITI has announced that it has sold his prepaid card business to the Wirecard AG, which is a German multinational company that provides many kinds of the financial as well as the banking services to the people since 1999.

It has been based and headquartered in the Aschheim, Germany and provides the worldwide services through this one office supervising many offices and branches based across the globe. It provides the Electronic payment processing and the Card issuance services as well.

How To Access Citi Prepaid Services Online:

  • Go to the official website of the company in the first step.
  • On reaching it, go to the Wirecard option, or simply click on this in to get the direct entry
  • You have to log in first of all for sure, for that, fill in the form on this page.
  • To do that:
    • Enter your exact Username in the first space on this form.
    • Provide the password associated with this account after that.
    • Type in the captcha letters you see in the image in the space below it.
    • Now, click on the white “Log in” button so that you can get logged in into your account.
  • But, as common sense, you should know that you have to sign up before signing in.
  • Click on the blue “Register your card now” link below this form.
  • Hold your card to look up for the card number; it must be mentioned on the front of your card.
  • Type that card number in the first empty field on this page now.
  • Enter your security code (written on the back of your card) as well in the next field.

Click white “Next” button now below this form and get to the next page where you have to give further details in the form there. Submit the form at the end and get registered so that you can get the login access.

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