Login To Citibank Grifols Card Account Online

Citi Bank, founded in 1812, is making payments and accessing the worldwide markets on behalf of their clients. They have experience of more than 200 years helping their clients meet world’s critical challenges and get more opportunities. It has connected millions of people across many countries and cities.

How To Login To Citibank Grifols Card Account Online

To login to your account, you just need to follow the given instructions:

  • You should connect your computer to the Internet properly.
  • Click on the link www.prepaid.citi.com/grifols to log in and manage your account.
  • As the page opens you will see the login table on the right of the page. You have to enter your Username in the first field and Password in the second field.
  • After you enter these details, you have to enter the letters in the below box which are shown in the above image for security reasons verifying your identity.
  • Now, you have to click on the “Log in” button to proceed and manage your account.

If You Forgot Your Username Or Password:

  • If you forgot your Username, then you have to click on the link “Forgot Username”. After you click it, a new tab will open and you have to provide the required details.
  • You have to provide your Card Number which consists of 16 digits, then its security code, postal code and in the again verification process. Enter the text shown in the image in below box and press “Continue” button to move on.
  • If you forgot your password, then you have to click on the link “Forgot Password”. You have to enter your Username, Postal Code and go through a Verification process and click “Continue” button. Your password will be sent to you by email after this process.

You can also contact them by selecting your country and they will provide you desired numbers and consult person so you can be further guided.

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