Get Petpet Park Membership Online

Petpet Park is created by the Nickelodeon which is a website for kids and family. You will be able to select a pet for you from the six kinds of pets after accessing the website. As you select the pet then you have to train them with the help of games and other related activities. You can customize your pet and take it out to meet their friends outside.

Complete Process To Take Petpet Membership Online:

  • In the first step, you have to go to the web browser which you are using recently and then insert the certified website of the firm into the search tab of that browser.
  • The link to the website is specified at
  • After clicking the link you will come across the home page where you will get an option of “New user” placed in the middle of the page.
  • There is a number of pets you get after clicking on it and you are supposed to pick from that list by hitting on the chosen one.
  • Once you have picked your pet then tick on the tab which is designed as “Next”.
  • A new will be displayed where you have to pick the color and gender of the pet you want and then click on the option of “Next”.
  • You can also enter the name of the pet and check the availability of that pet and tick the button of “Next”.
  • At the end, you have to create your account by adding the name, date of birth, email address and password and hit the tab of “Next” to get your account.

What Can You Have To Register Your Account On The Website?

You need to have reliable and high-speed internet sources such as wifi or 3G or 4G mobile data. You should have a valid email id, password and date of birth for creating an account. You can reach the FAQ page of the website if you are facing any problem.

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