Access The Pep Boys Auto Rebates

The Pep Boys, Manny Moe, and Jack are known as the American automotive aftermarket retail and the service chain. The company, which is founded in 1921 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by Emanuel Rosenfield, Maurice L Strauss and W Graham Jackson and Moe Radavitz.

The company deals in and also provides name brand tires, automotive maintenance, and repair. It also provides the parts and useful advice for the people who like to do it themselves. They also deliver the commercial auto parts as well.

Here Is The Process To Access Pep Boys Auto Rebates

  • A link to the website of the company is:
  • This link will get you to the official website of the company in a very quick time, it all depends on your internet connection.
  • To get your rebates for that you’ll be able to see three options in front of your screen.
    • For the online submission of rebates just click on the blue “START ONLINE SUBMISSION” button.
    • Then there is a form in which you’re required to enter your necessary information.
    • In the first blank space, you need to type in the exact date of purchase.
    • Then you’ll have to write in the transaction number in the required field.
    • After that, you have to enter the registration number in the next empty field.
    • Then, the store number as well in the blank space underneath the registration field.
    • After that, if you have another receipt for the same offer then click on the blue “Yes” button.
    • If you do not have more receipts then simply click on blue “NO” button. For further process.

After that, if you want to check the status of your rebate you can simply click on the other option which is read as “Rebate Status” click on it. Follow the required procedure to proceed further more.

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