Take Part In Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes

Publisher clearing house is a marketing company. This company introduces household products and also helps to get discount on various magazines. If you will take part in Publishers house clearing sweepstakes you can win chance to receive $5000 weekly or you can win $1000000 prize at once. PCH also works in field of electronic entertainments on TV and also offer services. The revenue of this site is mobile advertisement. You can also get ticket to watch live sports by subscripting to PCH. On this site you can also learn how to take part in sweepstakes. This company has given away prizes of worth $250 million. You can win these prizes by participating in games vies social media or on mobile devices. According to survey almost $10 million unique visitors visit their site monthly.

What Are Requirements?

  • You will need a computer, a laptop or a Smartphone, with internet access on it.
  • You will also need a personal valid email address.

Guidelines To Take Part In Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes:

  • First go to your computer or a laptop or smart phone. Turn it on and connect it to internet.
  • Now go to your internet browser and enter this link www.pch.com in the search bar of your browse, press enter or click on go button to continue to the main site.
  • The main page of website will load in front of you on this page a popup page will appear on screen. Look for “begin” button on the popup and click it.
  • On clicking that page a form will open in front of you. It will be a registration form for Publisher Clearing House. You have to provide all the information correctly which will be asked. After that press “Continue” to get registered to the publisher clearing house site.
  • After that on the next page follow the steps mentioned to complete the registration process, after registration you can login to the PCH to take part in sweepstakes to get prizes

About Publisher Clearing House:

Publisher Clearing House was established in1953 by Harold and Luesther Mertz soon it became the sweepstakes company. This company surprises its winner by going to them with the winning amount ranges from $1000 t $10,000,000 and catch their reactions on camera while many people streaming and watching it live on their Televisions screen and on the website. They also went to many Television game shows like the price is right. They have almost 400 employees working day and night. They also went to the charities for art, human rights, the environment and medical research. They also started charity on Facebook in which followers vote for the charities they like and the winner charity will be given some amount as donation.

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