Access PAYCHEX To Calculate Retirement Services

PAYCHEX is an American company that is providing the human resource and the payroll services to the customers. Apart from this, the company also provides the benefits outsourcing services to the customers as well. It was founded way back in the year 1971 by B. Thomas Golisano.

The company has now been headquartered in the Penfield, New York, from where it has served a lot of customers through some offices. The company has been operating the services the customers based in the Continental U.S. and Germany.

Services Offered By The Paychex

Here is a complete list of the services offered by the company:

  • You can get a lot of HR and Payroll services from the company.
  • Time and the Attendance solutions can also be taken from the company.
  • Many kinds of the Safety Programs are also available on the online website of the company.
  • Applicant tracking, as well as the employee screening services, are also available at the online website.

How To Access PAYCHEX To Calculate Retirement Services:

  • Access the official website of the company to use the retirement calculator.
  • Click on this link; it is the direct link to the official website:
  • Go onto the blue “employee benefits” button at the top of the page.
  • On a short list, click onto the “Retirement Calculator” link.
  • Select your Annual Salary in the first field and then select the state for the tax information under the “About You” section.
  • Select your current age and the retirement age as well now.
  • Under the “About Your Savings” section, select your country savings.
  • After that, select the per month contribution as well.
  • In the last field in this section, provide the Employer Match Percentage.
  • Click the orange “Calculate Retirement” service button at the end of this page now that will get you the results of the retirement calculations as per the information you have provided.

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