Access Pennsylvania Lottery To Claim Your Prize

PA Lottery or Pennsylvania Lottery was established 1971 and its was premiered with 50cent ticket weekly prize and 1 million dollar as grand prize. It describes all of its incomes to programs that benefits to the older citizens. This lottery service is making contribution for $24.7 billion to these programs like low cost prospection medicines, free fare transits, rent, rebate, property tax, and senior centers.

How To Claim Prize At PA lottery?

  • Access this link to play games to win prizes.
  • On the page see the tab “how to claim your prizes” as you will click on the option a page will appear below.
  • Click on the tab “Now What” and see the information and click on the link “Claim Form” a PDF form will open in new tab.
  • Next you will have to download this form and have to fill with appropriate information.
  • After that mail this form to the headquarter address that you can access by the contact us service

How Much It Takes Time To Process Your Application?

After you submit your claim form to headquarter, it will take six weeks to process. If you claim you prize in December then you will get your prize money in the beginning of next month.

What Games You Can Play To Win Prizes?

If you want to take part in Pennsylvania lottery then you can play amazing games to win millions of prizes.

  • Pick 2, 3, 4
  • Cash4Life
  • Mega Millions
  • Treasure Hunts
  • Power Ball
  • Millionaire Raffles

If you want to know about latest winners name then you can select the game and there you can find the latest winner list. If you have won the prize then you can claim for the prizes by sending mail to the headquarter. Soon your application will be processed to send you prize money.

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