Get Your MS Office Software Online

The Microsoft Office has been an exceptional development of the IT sector by the Microsoft that has been in use for years by individuals, students, companies, and organizations to manage necessary documentations. It’s a very easy to install and easy to use software that is used by the millions of users all across the globe. Until now, there are many versions that they have launched for their customers with improvements.

How To Use MS Office?

To get benefit from the Office features, one needs to buy it from the nearest IT shop and install it in his PC to use it. However, before you start using this software, you first need to register it online to prove that you have purchased it legally. If you have purchased it legally, then you do not need to worry about the registration process as it’s a very simple process.

How To Get Your MS Office Software Online:

To get started with your Office program, you should first follow the below steps:

  • Find the 25-character product key that will be present on your purchase receipt or the back of product card.
  • Visit
  • Here, you will see a red box where you have to enter those 25 characters carefully.
  • Once entered, click the “Next” button that is designed right below that red box.
  • Now on this page, you need to connect to the Microsoft account, so connect it and click next.
  • Here, you will have to have a look at the setting and confirm it before moving to the next step.
  • At last, you just have to get the software and this is all. No more steps of the online registration.

If you have already used the product key and now you are only looking to get the software, then you just need to follow the link “Install from” that is present on the bottom of the page that you visited after clicking the link that we have discussed in the second step of this guide.

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