Access Nordstrom Bank CD Signature Card Application Form

NORDSTROM Bank is an American bank that came into the business in order to provide some highly important and needed financial services to the customers. It provides many kinds of the plans for the CD signature cards as well. It also provides the credit and the debit card online access for the existing customers.

Guideline To Access Nordstrom Bank CD Signature Card Application Form:

  • Initially, go to the official link to the website of the company, which is:
  • Once you are at it, click on the orange “Click HERE” link below the application form option.
  • Scroll down to the end of the page after reading the terms and conditions now, and click on the blue “CD Signature Card Application Form” link.
  • Enter the date, SSN and then the date of your birth in the first three fields on the form
  • Enter the Driver’s License # OR State ID # after that and then the state in which it is issued in the next field.
  • Type the ID Issue Date and then the Id expiration date as well.
  • Provide your Street Address, City, State and the zip code in the next few fields now.
  • Type your home phone number and then the alternate phone number as well.
  • Provide your email address and then the security word in the next two fields now.
    • Enter your name in the first field and then your SSN in the one below it.
    • Provide your date of the birth and then the Driver’s License # OR State ID # in the next one.
    • Enter the state issued, expiration date and the issued date after that.
    • Provide the address, city, state, zip code, the two phone numbers.
    • Enter the email address and then the security word again.
  • Enter the deposit amount and then choose the option.
  • Choose renewal and then the payment options.
  • Choose the rights at death.
  • Type your Individual or the Organization Beneficiary Name after that and then the address, city, state and zip code needs to be provided.
  • Provide the remaining info and then click on white “Print” button.

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