Subscribe To Netflix Account

Netflix is global on demand online video streaming company that is providing its services to North and South American, European, New Zealand and Japan customers. This video streaming services was started into 1997 and now it has millions of online users who are enjoying video provided by Netflix. Users are watching more than 1 million videos titles on DVD and about 10 million customers are watching video online by subscribing this service. You can subscribe this service for just $7.99/mo. with free one month trial services. In this free trial month you can download millions of videos of TV Shows, movies, TV series and other global videos.

How To Subscribe To Netflix Account?

  • Click on this link and access the official website.
  • At the homepage click on “Start your free month” button.
  • Now choose your plan that is right for you “Basic” “Standard” or “Premium”. You can download and upgrade it anytime.
  • There are two way for sign up your account. First is sign up with your Facebook account and access the Netflix account. Second you have to create a Netflix account so enter “Email address” and “Password” and click on “Register” button.
  • Enter your payment detail and there are two option for payment “Credit card” and “PayPal”.
  • If you use credit card then enter “First name” “Last name” “Card number” “Expiration date” and “Security code”.
  • If you are above of 18 age then tick mark the checkbox and press “Start membership” button.
  • Now your account is successfully created and now you can watch anything online.

How To Make Subscription Billing?

If you are Netflix services subscriber then you have to make payment every month to continue its services for next month. After enjoying trail month you will have to make $7.99 to get its services for next month. You can use your credit card or direct deposit service to make payments online.

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