Join Navarro Customer Satisfaction Survey

Navarro is an American company, that is, offering its helping and exciting services that include the chain of Pharmacy Stores, pharmacy benefit manager, photo services, to the customers based in the South Florida. The company was founded in the Havana, Cuba in the year 1940 by José Navarro, Sr.

The current headquarter of the company is based in the Medley, Florida from where it has been running and operating 28 stores in all over the South Florida, as per the report of the year 2008. A report in the year 2005 stated that the company has almost 80, 000 employees.

Services Offered By The Navarro Discount Pharmacy

The company has been running some stores in the South Florida, the people there are enjoying some helping services. These services are available online and can also be taken from the stores. Some of the services are offered here:

  • You can get the Cosmetics and Fragrances from some top brands and designers.
  • You can get to refill your prescriptions from the online website.
  • You can also transfer your prescriptions as well.
  • Apart from this, you can view and print your records also.

How To Join Navarro Customer Satisfaction Survey:

  • You will have to connect your computer with an internet connection that must be running with a very good speed so that the process must not get disturbed in between.
  • The connection must be stable and reliable as well.
  • Open this link:
  • Select your language and click the white “Continue” button now.
  • Take a look at your receipt, that you have got from your last visit at the store and copy the Survey ID number from it in the only empty field.
  • Again, click the white “Continue” button and give the answers to some questions that are mentioned on the next few pages. Submit them in the end, and that is your feedback.

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