Manage Your UofM Health System Account

MyUofMHealth is the online login portal from the University of Michigan Health system. The health system of the University is assigned the task to do all the research in the medical sciences fields and come up with the new solutions for the betterment of the health and other related issues of the people.  It has the nickname of UMHS or the U-M Health System.

How You Can Manage Your UofM Health System Account

  • You need to connect your computer with a very good speed internet connection.
  • Open your internet browser now and visit the official website of the university.
  • Here is the link to get you to directly to the Health Connection page:
  • Once the page is fully loaded, click onto the blue “Request New One” button under the activation code option.
  • On the next page now, scroll down to the end and again click on the blue “Request One Now” link.
  • Now, scroll down to the end of the page and provide the last name in the first field.
  • Provide the first name in the second one now.
  • Type in your middle name in the third field now.
  • Now, provide the date of birth after that.
  • Type in the Medical Record number in the field next to it now.
  • Type in your Street Address after that.
  • Provide your city and then the state as well.
  • Provide your zip code after that.
  • Type in your phone number in the next field now.
  • Now, provide your email address in the next field and confirm in in the field below it.
  • Type in the Primary Care Provider in the last field on this page now.
  • Now, check the boxes below it to confirm that you are over 18 years of age and are agreeing to the terms and conditions as well.

Click the blue “Submit” button at the end of the page and send the form to get the activation code in a quick time.

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