Sign Up For My Time Station Account

Sign Up For Free to TimeStation service to track your time and attendance easily. You can use this service via tablets and Smartphones. It is fast scan technology that help to manage employees and students attendance and time. Employees punch in and out with in less than second to record the time and attendance. Manager can track the timing and in and out activity of each employee and student.

How To Sign Up For My Time Station Account?

  • Connect your device with internet and access this link
  • On the page you will see the green button “Sign Up For Free”.
  • Next enter your company name, your eMail and account password.
  • Re-type the account password for verification and click on the button “create your account” by accepting terms and conditions.

Benefits Of Time Station Account:

  • Easy Sign Up: you can sign up to online account just 2 minutes and can login into account anytime.
  • Scanning Technology: to give secure account you can use thumb scanner for your account PIN.
  • Cloud Based: you don’t need to download any application or hardware to use this service. You have to just connect with web server to manage your account data.
  • Advanced Reporting: account manager can manage multiple reports at the same time. It is used to track employee or student attendance and calculate pays.
  • Employee Portal: Employee can sign up for their self-service portal to review their activities. They can check their attendance, reports and other functions related to work.
  • Offline Mode: if you are not connected with internet then you can operate this service with offline Mode. With remote site you can track your time and attendance. When you will get connected with internet your device will synchronize all data automatically.

If you want to use this service via you android phone then you can download it from Google App Store and for IPhone you can download it from ITunes App Store.

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