Register To SuperAmerica Rewards Card Program

SUPERAMERICA is an American chain of the convenience stores that offers some food items to eat and drinking items like the beverages, etc. to drink at the online website and from the stores as well. The company offers a variety of rewards programs along with many promotional services and offers to the customers based in all over the world. You can get the following rewards from the company:

  • You can earn fast points and can redeem them online to get the products.
  • You can get to save at the pump as well.
  • You can get the gift cards as well that helps in getting benefits points and services.
  • You can get to save 10c on each gallon.

How To Register To SuperAmerica Rewards Card Program

Here is what you need to do to get these rewards:

  • First of all, connect your computer or a laptop with a very good and constantly running speed internet connection.
  • Now, open your internet browser and visit the official website of the company to access the rewards program page.
  • This link will help you reach the rewards page directly:
  • Now, click on the My SA Rewards tag at the top of the page.
  • Scroll down now, and click on the blue “Here” link in the first line into the first paragraph on this page.
  • Type in the letters in the image in the field below it now and click the blue “Submit” button.
  • Provide the 16 Digit Card Number or the User ID in the first field of the form.
  • Type in the PIN in the next field now.
  • Click the blue “Logi n” button and get logged in, if you have forgotten the PIN, you can get it back by clicking the blue “Forgot PIN” button and got it back.
  • After logging into the account, you can register your card and can get all the rewards offers from the company after that.

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